Forty years past the first moon walk, when awestruck citizens of the world had their imaginations stretched like never before, the 21st Century calls again for the courage of open minds, open doors, and connected learning. Imagine an innovative event held to inspire a similar sense of unity and wonder in our children.
At IS 339, we believe:
in changing our world,
in sharing our learning, and
that education and technology are interdependent.
With this in mind, we proudly invite you to Dot-to-Dot, a first-of- its-kind Global Learning Reception that will highlight the theme of ‘Connections’.
Our Dot-to-Dot sessions will blend live and pre-documented presentations to offer an unprecedented opportunity for students, family members, educators, industry leaders, and dignitaries to participate from dots on a worldwide panorama. Teachers and students will open their classrooms to physical and virtual visitors, showing students that learning extends beyond our immediate environments. Visitors are welcome to attend any portion of Dot-to-Dot, either on Webster Avenue or online.

IS 339 runs a 1:1 laptop program and has presented at numerous conferences about integrating technology and Google Applications into all aspects of teaching, learning, and school operations. IS 339 has implemented innovative projects such as podcasting, student-run businesses, a school newsblog, and instruction-based social networks. The school has been featured in The New York Times, showcased by Google, and will appear on an upcoming PBS Frontline documentary.